2000 Special Awards

Congradulations to the two special winners of the Year 2000 Jimmy Glenn Yachtsman of the Year award and theWilton S. Smith Racer of the Year award.

These memorial awards are named for two former deceased members of our club who were very active up until the early 90's.

Sam Purcell skippered Bite Me to win the Wilton S. Smith Racer of the Year trophy. This was awarded based on Sam's standout performances on average in the Spring and Fall Series, the Dog Days, Jowi, Ocracoke, and Solo Regattas. Bite Me has been very active this year, and the club is very pleased for Sam to receive this honor; couldn't happen to a better guy.

The Jimmy Glenn Yachtsman of the Year trophy was presented to Randy Boyles who owns the J30 Rocket J. Randy was awarded this trophy for his flawless rescue on April 15, 2000 of our Fleet Captain, Dyk Luben. Dyk became separated from Mara in a windward broach during a squall. Rocket J was the only boat anywhere near. Randy and his crew came along, almost right to Dyk. They circled round in textbook rescue mode, deploying a M.O.M. and hauling Dyk aboard with no panic or confusion. Dyk was very happy to be rescued by such a competent crew. Special thanks and congratulations to Randy Boyles.

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